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Our Mortgage Options Include:


Access Mortgage

Flexible payment options and a hassle-free approval process.


Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage

Include renovation costs as part of your mortgage when buying a home.


Builder's Mortgage

Build a new home and pay for it in stages as it is being built.





A Personalized Approcach

A Personalized Approach

We treat members like family, and work with your to discuss the facts, figures, and information needed to make informed financing decisions.

Expert Advice on your Schedule

Expert Advice on your Schedule

We are available outside of normal hoursincluding evenings and weekendsto suit your schedule and make your experience comfortable and easy.

Member Rewards

Cash Back with Member Rewards

Access members are true owners of the organization and are eligible to share in the annual profits through our Member Rewards program.

Comfortable Payment Plans

Comfortable Payment Plans

Six-month to five-year fixed rate terms, variable rate mortgages, and weekly to monthly payment schedule options are available.

Local Decisions

local lending from mortgage specialists

With lending decisions made by fellow members who are also your neighbours, you’ll know we have your best interests at heart.

Community Growth

community growth - access donating a large cheque

While you plant roots in your neighborhood, we'll help it flourish by funding building projects, sports teams, and community events.

Family-Like Feel

couple with child in home

You’ll be treated like family with great rates, quick pre-approvals, and comfortable payments. You’ll feel right at home with Access.


120 Day Rate Guarantee

Shop for your new home at ease knowing your mortgage is guaranteed for 120 days.


5-Year Residential Mortgage

*Rates subject to change without notice.

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Mortgage advice from our mortgage experts.

The more you know about mortgages, the more you can make your mortgage work for you.


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